Friday, August 8, 2014

June 2014 - Cell Pics

 Finally found a suit that would fit. 

 Abby is obsessed with JJ Watt. 

 Growth spurt? Poor toes. 


 American Girl Bistro as a reward for a great end to the school year.

 We finally hit our community pool and Quinn discovered a love of the splash pad. 


 New cup love. 

 She loves to read. 

 Like Joey from friends she apparently must get into the map. 


Father's Day 2014

For Father's Day the Cy Tri kids participated in a relay race. Dad did the swim, Reagan did the bike  & Abby was invited to do the run. I think all had a great time.

Reagan got a little lost on her bike ride and was gone for quite some time. She apparently turned into the neighborhood and one of the older girls went to find her.

 Another of the older girls ran with Abby so she wouldn't have to run alone. 
I think Abby could run forever. 

The Great Haircut(s)

Reagan decided that she was going to cut off 5 inches from her hair. From there I convinced her to cut off 8 so she could donate it. She was a little apprehensive but we went ahead and scheduled an appointment at Sweet n Sassy to make it fun.


And then out of no where when the lady asked Abby how much of her hair to cut of she said she wanted it short!

  I'm so proud of Reagan for her donation!

Backyard Fun

After all the madness of moving, birthday parties & school ending we finally made time to just hang out in the backyard one afternoon and it was perfect!