Monday, May 31, 2010

Reagan's 3rd Birthday!

This year we decided that we were not going to have Reagan's party at home. After going to a few parties Reagan made it clear that she wanted to have her party at Pump It Up. And after going back and forth a bit she made it VERY clear that she was going to have a Princess party. So we invited around 25-30 kids (gulp) and the craziness began.

Princess Reagan

Reagan greeting her guests.


 Abby the Little Princess



Viula & Mathis, Me w/ Abby, Delia & Cooper

Brandi, Amber & Lila


Sarah & Jacob

 Reagan & Natalie (Reagan's BFF at school)

Crissy & Jacob

Delia, Cooper & Jason


Tal, Amber & Oliver

Peek a Boo


Reagan getting a little help from Dad. 


A little father son time for Cooper & Jason

Reagan, Natalie & Kaitlyn


Hayden & Ellie


Delia, Me, Jess & Crissy

Moms can have fun too!

Crissy & Jacob

 Emma & Hayden


Audrey & Reagan

Attempting a group picture

Time for pizza & juice

Avery & Ellie

Jacob & Luca

Joe & Sarah

Noah, Adam, Truitt & Joe

Emma, Hayden, Noah, Adam & Truitt

Ellie, Emily, Adin & Rylan

Kaitlyn, Audrey, Reagan & Natalie

Oh my!

Her highness

She practiced all morning and blew them all out in one breathe!

Mmmmmm cupcakes

Abby got her chance in the chair too. 

The next morning...................

Happy 3rd Birthday Reagan!!!!

She had bagels & cream cheese per her request. 

We opened presents

Abby gave Reagan a Princess softball set!

She was most excited to open this present with the monkeys!

In love with the doll inside too!

Abby trying to figure out which present to steal first.

Reagan first wanted the softball set opened. 

Much to Dad's delight I'm sure.

The pearls and purse scream softball don't they?

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